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Resources on the Web

Dialect maps and archives: Anatomy & Physiology:
IDEA: Int'l Dialects of English Archive Articulatory Synthesis
British Library Collection Vocal Tract Shapes
Another British Libarary Link Vocal Tract Visualization
BBC Dialect Recordings U. Maryland
George Mason University Collection Languages:
Dictionary of American Regional English Ethnologue (who speaks what where)
Varieties of English Phonetic Data (formerly SOWL)
Nationwide Speech Project Corpus UPSID
New Zealand English Free software:
"Do You Speak American?" Phonetic fonts (Wells)
Swedish Dialect Samples Phonetic fonts, etc. (SIL)
Linguistic Atlas Projects Graphical IPA Keypad (for web pages)
Dialect Map of American English Praat
UPenn Dialect Maps Awards, festivals & film databases:
Harvard/UWM Dialect Survey IMDB
UK Intonation (IViE Corpus) Film Festival Source
North American English Dialect Survey Organizations:
Vincent Voice Library IPA
Historical Soundbytes VASTA
Early sound recordings: SAG
Tinfoil AEA
IPA & Cardinal Vowels: NCVS
UVic Charts Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
Voice of DJ Pronunciation of proper names:
Animated vowel chart National Library Service
Ladefoged DJ site Courtesy link exchange:
Wiki on DJ Add Me
Cool language sites: Listed on in
Dialog / Dialect Coaches in New York
Endangered Language Fund
Perceptions of "Standard" Englishes